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Zhuzhou HTC electronic limited company is the General Armament Department of the military electronic components supporting fixed-point development and production of military tantalum electrolytic capacitors professional manufacturers, is a public letter to the Ministry of national defense science and industry management. The company has 30 years of tantalum electrolytic capacitor production experience and history, there are three mature, advanced tantalum electrolytic capacitor production line and two large-scale production base. Have from the United States, Japan, Korea and the European introduction of advanced production lines, sophisticated equipment. Advanced production technology, strong technical force, has a strong R & D, production capacity. Company to the quality of life, the pursuit of high standards, zero defect, with perfect quality testing system and testing method of tantalum electrolytic capacitor. In the long-term development and production process, with the domestic and foreign advanced enterprises and institutions of higher learning have extensive cooperation. The company has always been to tantalum electrolytic capacitor industry, with tantalum electrolytic capacitor all varieties, good quality, high credibility and excellent services and renowned domestic and foreign markets.

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